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Preparing Your Soil

  1. Remove all weeds, grasses, rocks and debris.
  2. Fill all holes with top soil to create a level site.
  3. Take care to grade the site properly to obtain surface water drainage.
  4. Eliminate hard compacted soil. Rototill or spade the top 5-10 cm (2″-4″) of the soil to ensure the breakdown of lumps or clods of soil.
  5. Topsoil should be spread evenly, then raked and the site levelled. If additional top soil is necessary, consult your nearest garden centre of yellow pages for suppliers and to determine the correct amount.

Note: For a new building site, good topsoil should be present in the top 8-10 cm (3″-4″). In in doubt, take a soil sample to your local garden centre for analysis.

Tools Required:

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Rake
  • Shovel
  • Lawn roller (can be rented)
  • Water hose and sprinkler

6 Simple Steps For Installing Your New Brouwer Lawn


Step 1 – Laying Sod

Always make sure to stack sod in the shade and sprinkle it with in hot or dry weather.

Begin immediately after delivery. Lay sod along the sidewalk or driveway in a straight line. Smooth the area immediately ahead with a rake.


Step 2 – Placing Sod

To save time, place rolls of sod in their approximate position.


Step 3 – Making Seams

Make sure the sod edges butt up against one another. Do not overlap or leave spaces. When sodding a sloping area, lay the sod horizontally; stake the sod if necessary.

Step 4 – Trimming

Cut off any uneven edges, wherever necessary, with a sharp knife or the edge of a shovel. Shape to fit the area.

rolling sod

Step 5 – Rolling

After all the sod has been laid, fill a lawn roller with water and begin rolling your new lawn. Roll to remove air pockets and to ensure your sod makes good contact with the soil. If extremely dry, wet the newly laid sod before rolling.


Step 6 – Water Sod

Immediately after installation, water the sod.