Grown in the best soil, Brouwer offers 24 hour delivery of their top quality sod to the GTA and surrounding areas.


Watering Schedule

The first watering of sod is the most important one. It should be done immediately after the sod is laid. Newly sodded areas should be kept moist at the dirt level until it is established and the roots are attached to the soil. Make sure to water all sodded areas, and ensure no spots are missed. Do not over water. Water not necessary on rainy days.


Your newly sodded lawn needs mowing only after four to seven days. Care should be taken not to mow too short (6 to 8cm or 2 to 3 inches is the recommended height). Avoid leaving too many grass clippings on the lawn.


Brouwer Sod is supplied to you with plenty of nutrients to get started and to make installation easy and less costly. Additional fertilizer should be applied later. Check with your local garden centre.