Grown in the best soil, Brouwer offers 24 hour delivery of their top quality sod to the GTA and surrounding areas.



Bluegrass Blend

Brouwer Sod has recently introduced their new Blue Grass Blend to what is now the most drought tolerant bluegrass blend sold. This is the result of several years of different test plot trials; it will save on watering and survive in certain drought conditions.

All our bluegrass blends offer the best of drought, sun, shade, disease and traffic tolerance with rhizome recovery. This will be our main bluegrass blend and best seller.

Fescue Blend

A blend of Bluegrass and Fescue, this sod blend is more ideal for more shaded areas. A finer blade and lighter shade of green makes it desirable for play fields and parks. Used on golf courses for its ability to thrive with a lower amount of maintenance.

Commercial Sod

A low maintenance blend of native grasses, it’s suited for difficult terrain and conditions. It is ideal for park lands, boulevards and ditches due to the wide range of conditions it may endure. An economical way to prevent erosion and green up a large area.


Sod is sold by 9 square feet rolls.
Simply measure the area to be covered.
(length x width = square feet).

If measuring in square yards:
Square yard x 9 = Square feet

If measuring in square metres:
Square metre ÷ .093 = Square feet

Sod is delivered by the roll:
Square feet ÷ 9 = Number of rolls